Our Credit Philosophy

Sound credit policy requires actual human intervention. Our humans review every request, looking for a path to approve your application.

“Credit Scoring” is our industry’s attempt to replace human intervention with computer modeling. Credit scoring was  originally developed by analyzing pools of borrowers and compiling a computer “model” to decide what worked and what didn’t. The end-goal is “Artificial Intelligence.” We see those scores, but they don’t form our decision on credit score alone.

Today, credit scoring governs the interest rate you pay on your credit cards, your chances of finding a job, and even the cost of your business, home and auto insurance!

An interesting side storey is that China is now developing a “Social Credit Score,” the next logical step in the process. One day, governments will be able to pull up the population in an Excel spreadsheet and sort out the riff raff with just a few convenient key strokes.

Business credit is particularly difficult to credit score because every small business is unique. Established business credit reporting companies such as Dun & Bradsreet often publish multi-page reports based on little-to-no actual data.

Our experienced lenders take the time to analyze every application as an opportunity. That means we are creative and flexible where pure credit scoring systems are not.

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